Data Security

Our first concern is your peace of mind, so we want to explain exactly why the risk of an attack on our server is so low.

Within our Crop Tech System
  • You'll never enter credit card data.
  • You'll never hand over a Social Security number.
  • There is no address or phone number. The only information tied to you and your account is your name, email address, and the zipcode for your farm.
  • With the permissions structure in place, only your Crop Tech manager can view your farm's information.
  • No one can ever find your password. Passwords are run through a system using the best practices, so when a password is set, nobody can look it up.

For these reasons alone, the Crop Tech system is at a very low risk to even the "best" hackers. But we also consider physical security on our server:

Physical Security
  • With every update, the server is effectively rebuilt from the ground up. What this means is, we always have the very latest systems online and they are never more than a few weeks old.
  • Our core libraries are constantly updated, and we subscribe to security alerts, ensuring we know when vulnerabilities exist in the underlying software, language, and services that make up the Crop Tech system structure.
  • All components of the system, database, and web server are managed off-site. This isn't the cheapest route, but it would take a massive effort to hack these off-site providers. Multiple people are watching the server (not just us at Crop Tech), so if there were an attack it would raise alerts for all of us, including our providers. It is extremely difficult to get away with a server attack when everybody is watching.
At Crop Tech, we are always thinking about our farmers.

If you would like to continue with us further, please send us a message. You will reach a real person, not some automated machine.

We look forward to hearing from you.