Data Management

Forward–thinking Technology. Unmatched Personal Service.

Using the best technology in agriculture helps to make day-to-day routines more efficient. Alone, different avenues of technology provide you the producer with data. When those technologies come together, you are able to integrate results and pull meaning from them.

Your farm rep will monitor and manage your data and financial inputs in our system to provide you with real time information as inputs and market prices change. This relationship provides results for your operation to make more profitable decisions. Imagine finally getting rid of those binders full of hand written notes and spreadsheets and have a system that combines results in one location.

Our technology is powerful, but we understand it can’t replace the personal relationship built between the farmer and his personal rep.


What if there was a way you could quickly know your true break-even? If you had a place that organized, stored, and documented all your farm financials? What if this system could conveniently calculate important information such as break-even and profitability? Dashboard

Having that data at your fingertips can make expensive decisions less of a challenge when the real numbers are instantly in front of you. Crop Tech makes financial challenges in your operation manageable. Our system creates a seamless way of compiling all the financial and operational data collected by you and gives it purpose, year after year.


Throughout the year, your Crop Tech Representative will collect and input your data. As the year progresses you can log on and watch how your investment is performing and progressively project your year end results. On your overview page all of that data is calculated, giving you an instant snapshot of your farm's financial standing including revenues, break-even, and profitability. In addition, you can check local weather, grains bids, current contracts and treatment/planting progression

The simplicity of one location containing your most valued financial and operational data is an asset all on its own. But that barely scratches the surface of our system. Managing your farm just got easier.

  • Single location for quick view of whole farm financials.
  • Quickly breakdown the cost of production.
  • Accurately monitor live break-even over time and analyze different scenarios.
  • See true guaranteed revenue based on spring and harvest insurance values.
  • Monitor progression in planting and treatments with a simple visual chart.
  • Your contracts are neatly sorted and applied to whole farm revenue and projected profits.
  • Ease of information flow for Ag operations transitioning from current generation to future generation.

📦 Inventory Management

Inventory If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

Wouldn't it be nice to see which fields were the most profitable for your operation, based on input decisions in the past, and what you can improve on the ones that were not?


Inventory The inventory system is a unique feature that takes the guesswork out of better-informed purchase decisions.

Your personal farm rep will help collect and input all your contracts, invoices, and all documentation pertaining to input inventory items. These are then accessible to you anywhere and anytime by signing into your farm page.


Our inventory tracking feature will give you exact numbers to base purchase decisions off of, eliminating over and under buying. An added benefit is the capability to customize your inventory based on what you buy. You make the decisions on what you want to see and we organize and enter it for you. Our inventory tracking system will give you exact numbers to base purchase decisions off of, eliminating over and under buying. Just one more way Crop Tech will save you money.

  • Determine in advance the exact amount of input products needed for the coming crop seasons.
  • The inventory system takes away the hassle of tracking down what you’ve used, stored and will need for the upcoming year.
  • With a quick glance you know exactly what you need, which allows you to make informed and precise input decisions thus eliminating costly over or under buying.
  • Customize your inventory to your farm. Manage more with less.

💳 Expenses

Let’s get down to the dirt and really look at what expenses your operation accrues over the course of the year. Expenses such as labor, equipment, irrigation, professional fees, rent and family living can consume a large amount of your revenue. We will track and calculate all your expenses for you by whole farm, field, and zone basis to pinpoint high cost areas. We will help you find those certain fields that are draining revenue and work together to bring them back into the black. Or maybe you just want to check what an increase in personal draw will do to your break-even number before making that big decision. Your cloud-based dashboard and your personal rep can do all this for you, making planning, analysis and record keeping as easy as turning on your auto steer.

  • Expenses tracked and calculated on a whole farm basis, field basis or zone basis.
  • Entered and tracked by category, description, calculation method (flat cost, per acre, per bushel)
  • Calculates all expenses into live break even and expected net revenue
  • Ability to see what a change in any fixed expense or items such as personal draw will do to breakeven at current marketed level instantly
  • All expense documents not only all in one place, but assigned to specific fields for ease of locating


In today’s capital-intensive farming environment and volatile weather patterns, crop insurance is essential for the longevity of your operation. Understanding and tracking your insurance products can be a challenge, and at times, just plain confusing. Crop Tech has just made that easier for both you and your insurance agent. Within our system we have developed a quick and easy way to have all of your important insurance numbers in one location. Imagine with a few swipes of your finger being able to access you’re irrigated and non-irrigated APH’s, acres, Multi-peril yield guarantee, modified APH, guaranteed dollars per acre, and covered bushels. All of this is kept track by optional units or enterprise units whichever one you select when you make your insurance decisions.

Insurance This information is then all tied together and used to give you quick and accurate projections based on what Mother Nature throws your way during the growing season. Let’s say you have a hail storm hit part of your acres mid-season. Your crop adjuster will visit those acres and give you a percentage loss that Crop Tech can then enter into your cloud based “farmer page”. Our system will then compute the effects of that event and change your break-even for not only that field and zones within that field, but also the effects on your whole farm.


No longer will you have to wait for, or guesstimate, what your payment will be at the end of the year. Another advantage is it will help you monitor what percentage of your crop you now have left to market and what percentage is marketed. This is critical so you don’t market above your yield guarantee inadvertently leaving you with bushels uncovered. All of this and more is provided in our insurance section which is just one segment of your whole farm. This is just one more reason for you to work with your Crop Tech representative.

  • Enter and track all applicable insurance information needed for FSA and insurance reporting.
  • Automatically calculates Federal Crop Insurance numbers and actual or potential loses throughout the growing season based on existing APH and level of coverage.
  • Losses calculated into Farmer page overview accurately depicting real time income and breakeven after loss are entered.
  • Report generated for FSA and crop insurance agent.
  • Knowledge of guaranteed bushels for marketing months earlier than generally provided by agents.
  • At-a-glance reports of all insurance information on a field or unit.
  • At-a-glance $ guarantee/acre, bushel guarantee and total loss $ if applicable.
  • Units can be set up either by Optional units or Enterprise units.
  • Hail Production Plan level can be selected and all information is entered and losses calculated.
  • HPP product potential or actual loss information feeds into live breakeven to accurately reflect current revenue for crop year.
  • At-a-glance reports for HPP(Hail Production Plan) depicting modified APH, yield guarantee, covered bushels, potential loss bushels, loss percent, total loss $.
  • System calculates automatically off of "spring price" or "harvest price."
  • Fully adaptable and customizable as new products are introduced or existing ones changed.

Commodity Marketing and Sales

Commodity Marketing

Farming: High Risk, High Reward

The key to profitable grain trading is understanding the industry. Take a step in the right direction for learning more about your operation the markets, and grain trading. Keep all grain contracts up to date and organized by open amendments, closed amendments, working orders and a complete unsold position. Having this kind of organized data, and the insight from a grain commodity professional, you are sure to have higher paying rewards.

Marketing Stay on top of the news affecting today’s corn, soybean and wheat markets on the marketing page. It is updated 3 times daily. The Morning Wire provides an overview of any new market-moving information from the overnight, opening calls, and an outlook on the days trading session. Midday reports give brief updates on the outlook for the day’s trades. Finally, the technical update provides recaps of the trading day and trade recommendations. In addition to these reports, you can expect a regional report that comes out once a week from Crop Tech’s Grain Marketing Managers.

  • Regional reports sent directly to you each week is an advantage for making grain-trading decisions ahead of time.
  • Morning, Midday, and Closing Technical Updates will give you an edge on the day’s trades and prepare you for tomorrow.
  • The World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) will be provided monthly as soon as they are made available.
  • Crop Progress is updated weekly during growing season listing planting, fruiting, and harvesting progress and overall condition of selected crops in major producing states, so you won’t need to go searching for that data.


Our easy-to-read sales tracking page allows producers to view all their sales contracts and offers in at every location. Customers can view options and their current market value as they are trading live.

We promise to provide continuous documentation of contracts and amendments so you always know when, where, why, and how you decided to make past marketing decisions.


Contract values and unsold bushels are updated every 10 minutes, so you always know the current value of every bushel. The dashboard will also update amendments to contracts every 10 minutes. We provide you with a guaranteed revenue chart, which allows you to market grain up to your insured levels. This is important when looking back to your break-even.

  • Amendments, open and closed, can be entered and automatically calculates profits of losses for that amendment which then adjusts “current market value” of contract it is assigned to
  • Working order tracking system is available to monitor what producers have in place.
  • Unsold positions or grain not yet marketed, entered and tracking against any future months and updated every 10 minutes to see up to date value and affect it has on live break-even.
  • Easily track insurance guaranteed bushels based on insured level against estimated production as growing season conditions change.



Grow with us.

Your agronomy plan is the foundation for success of your entire year. Crop Tech helps you build that foundation and manage that plan the whole year through. You and your Crop Tech representative will work together building your fertility, seeding, treatment applications, irrigation and any other operation along the way through harvest. All of your operations are then conveniently located in one cloud based application available to you anywhere and anytime. Watch as your plan turns to reality. Your numbers progress to “as applied” and update seamlessly to provide you with the information necessary to make accurate and “spot on” management decisions throughout the crop year and beyond.

Agronomy We also provide our customers with a trained agronomist for supplemental field checks to examine your crops for populations, weed pressure, disease pressure, and insect presence. This allows the grower to have a professional opinion while allowing us to be familiar with the field and its particular strengths and weaknesses. If you already have an agronomist, we encourage you to maintain that relationship, and use us as a second opinion

  • Make more informed decisions about crop nutrient management and soil and water conservation with the help of field-specific soil maps.
  • Quality fertilizer recommendation depends on site-specific soil samples.
  • Spot checks are provided by our Crop Tech agronomist who will work along side your own agronomist.
  • Accurately evaluate and plan more efficient fertilizer use, which can increase yields, reduce costs and potentially reduce environmental pollution.
  • Get a clear picture of how well your crops performed and why. Powerful reporting makes it easy to use real data for better decisions next year.
  • Document treatments and maintain information for future EPA audits, preventing unwanted stress.


Maps It doesn’t need to be a multi-step process to find out what treatments have been used on a field and the cost per acre analysis of your entire farm. Our system calculates and tracks all of this for you. Quickly look at a map of all your fields or focus in on just one. The fields are broken down by crop and field specifics with the single click of our “field report” button.


Maps Zones such as pivot corners are also displayed or a field split into two crops can be quickly analyzed. The map feature is a visual way to display an entire farm as alternative to a list of fields. You can also get the plans and goals in just one click. Easily track year after year visual and documented information, all stored in one place which allows you easy access now, and in the future

Global mapping is important for planning, field mapping, soil sampling, variable rate applications and yield mapping. All of this plus the assistance of your own Crop Tech representative to manage your data will make your operation more profitable.

  • Map based on field-level input to make plans and goals easier to track down and reach.
  • Color coded visual representation of crops makes it convenient to click through and select fields by crop instead of reading a list.
  • Link to field specific report that shows cost of production, break-even, estimated revenue and profits keeping you fully aware.
  • Easy fertility tracking is an asset when looking at what fields are bringing in the most profits while others could use some adjustments.


The field feature allows the grower to view their fields in a listed format. This feature will help you or your managers to view all the information your Crop Tech representative has entered for you by specific field information and the zones that are set in place. Year after year you can compare and analyze your valuable data by field, zone, or whole farm determining which input decisions make the most sense and provide the greatest return. No two fields are the same, and the field’s feature streamlines the information in a simple and efficient manner. Information at your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you want.

  • Current year fields are entered on the map level and information for those fields is entered by "crop zone."
  • Legal descriptions, planted acres, FSA acres, APH, yield goals, cost splits or shares and loss percentage are all entered and stored in one convenient location.
  • Easily toggle between crop years to see past years final information and next years projections.
  • All maps generated for that field from any technology can be stored indefinitely.
  • Complete year after year storage of data on field by field basis includes profit by zone, all variable cost including fertility applied, chemicals applied, seed, fuel, rents, other expenses.
  • Fixed expense tracking on a field by field basis.
  • Ability to quickly determine at what price your crop needs to marketed to make your fields profitable.


Ever wonder how much chemicals, seed, fertilizer and other inputs you will need for your operation for the upcoming year? Inputs are expensive and need to be tracked and managed to minimize cost. In less than 5 minutes you will know the exact quantities you will need to have in inventory.

Fertilizer and pesticides are numerous and plans change throughout the growing season. Keeping up with rates and trade names is confusing, but is very important. The treatment feature is an ideal way to sort this data. The system can display tank mixes or a single product across your fields. The names, rates, and costs are all on one page. Take a dry spread of fertilizer as an example, the amount of each nutrient applied is calculated within our system so not only product rates are known, but also the total fertility applied.

Treatments Let Crop Tech take the hassle out of tracking your fertility and chemical applications and ensure you not wasting valuable resources by over or under applying. All the while providing a service that can be accessed anywhere.

  • Treatments are entered by type “wet or dry” and method.
  • Components, or products, of each treatment are entered into a blend calculator which then computes total amounts of each component needed, cost per gallon or ton, application rate, cost per acre, total cost and total acres treated.
  • Treatments are then assigned which fields and zones to be applied to.
  • Projected treatments and cost are then changed to “as applied” in season to accurately show expenses.
  • Fully adaptable and customizable for your operation.

🍂 Crops

In our fully customizable system you and your territory rep plan your year from fertility to harvest and every operation in between. From grid applied fertility, prescription planning and spraying, to harvest mapping and analysis, we simplify these processes and store it all conveniently in one location for easy access.

Crops Different areas of the country grow different crops, so why should a farmer have to search through all of them to get to the few he actually grows? By assigning certain crops to certain growers, we can make the route to obtaining important information quicker and with fewer frustrations. Commodities that are traded on the board have prices updated every 10 minutes and fed into system for computing live revenue and breakeven numbers.

  • Crops are setup specifically for each producer and his region.
  • Commodities that are traded on the board have prices updated every 10 minutes and fed into system for computing live revenue numbers.
  • Non-trading crops can be created and prices entered to feed into revenue numbers.
  • Create planting records by hybrid and rate are fully adaptable and customizable.


Every action a farmer takes during a growing season will revolve around the seed that is put in the ground. Crop Tech will help plan and provide planting data such as actual planted population, hybrid number and trait packages, date planted, and actual acres planted. Cost of seed is also recorded and easily found. Keeping track of what is planted and where is essential to avoid mistakes when spraying and is helpful in tracking your crops all the way to harvest. All this information is at your fingertips no matter where you are, giving you more time to do the things you love to do.

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