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Whole Farm At a Glance

You're needed in the field and in the office. We manage your operations data and give you a more realistic outlook on your financial standing. Our cloud-based dashboard gives you access to whole farm data wherever your day takes you.

Organized data management for whole farm results.

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Custom Grain Marketing

As you go through the crop year and prepare for harvest, know that you will be given profitable options with unbiased representation. Your sales page tracks contracts and amendments for when, where, why and how you decided to make past marketing decisions. Accurate info will help you make smarter decisions.

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Agronomy Management

Our supplemental scouting for grower’s fields lets us get to know you and your operation on another level. We want to provide you with results from all areas of your farm, from the dirt up. You can depend on data that will save you time and money.

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Quickly determine which fields are profitable and where you can maximize your inputs and potential profits. Determine which input decisions make the most sense. Learn More



Your operation is set up specifically how you want it, with the ability to run through scenarios to determine your best crop mix for the year. Learn More


Keeping track of what is planted where is essential to avoid mistakes and helpful when tracking crops til harvest. Learn More



Our blend calculator will show you exactly the inputs you will need for the upcoming year and precise costs, not only on a per input basis, but also a blend basis. Learn More


Check out the map of your farm broken down by fields/zones. One-click will display plans and goals skipping over multiple steps to learn field/zone specifics. Learn More



The best way to save on inputs is purchasing early and knowing what you have in inventory. Learn More



Save time and money by collecting and calculating expenses for whole farm, field, and zones. Track and know where your money is going. Learn More


View options and current market value as you trade live. Easy to read and track for less stress. Learn More


Simplify FSA and insurance reporting with our proprietary insurance system that conveniently breaks down fields/zones by crop, practice, unit and coverage. Learn More

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